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July 21, 2013 by drandmrso

Here’s a round-up of the questions that I received recently. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I’ll respond as best I can!

Q: Why don’t you use Dr. O’s first name?

A: A couple of reasons. The first is privacy. The second is that when I started this blog Dr. O was just about to graduate medical school and I was just so darn proud of him!

Q: But you use your first name.

A: Yep. My name’s Annie. Nice to meetchya! You’ll note that our last name isn’t (intentionally) posted anywhere on the blog. By only using my first name—and not my husband’s first name or our last name—I’m hoping to maintain a little bit of privacy out there in the blogosphere.

Q: What is an otorhinolaryngologist?

A: You may know the field as ENT, or Ears, Nose, and Throat. Dr. O thinks that name is lame (more on that here) so I use the medical term instead. I like to explain it like this: ENT’s are head and neck surgeons. They assess, diagnose, and treat (often with surgery) issues involving anything from the neck up (excluding the brain, eyes, and teeth).

Q: What is this blog supposed to be about?

A: Basically our lives as Dr. O goes through his residency program—we’re one year into the five-year program. I write about the gross medical stuff that he tells me, my attempts at homemaking, and other random topics that come into my head.

Q: Will Dr. O write a guest post?

A: Maybe! I doubt he knows what that is (he asked me what a meme was the other day…) but I’ll try to talk him into it!

Q: When can we expect to start reading about Baby O?

A: I generally don’t answer this question unless it’s coming from close friends or family, mostly because I would never ask it of anyone outside of that circle. So for now I’ll just say that we currently have zero buns in our oven.

Q: What do you do?

A: I work in the IT department at the hospital where Dr. O works.

Q: Why do you work at all? Surgeons make tons of money!

A: Residents don’t—they make a bit more than an average public school teacher in our area (according to this chart). Also, we don’t have any kids yet so I think I would get pretty bored at home (and actually didn’t fully enjoy my little work hiatus last summer).

Q: So how come your posts go up in the middle of the day? Are you blogging at work?

A: Nope, I’m not blogging at work. I write my posts a night or two before they go up, then either set it to auto-post at a certain time or take a few seconds over lunch to manually post it.

Q: You’re funny! And a great writer!

A: Thanks, Mom!

Q: But your pictures are often blurry…

A: I’m sorry about that. I take a lot of the pictures on my iPhone, then use either Instagram or PicStitch to edit them. I think that’s where the blurriness happens. I’ll try to do better!

Q: What happened to the book you were writing?

A: Dude, writing a book is hard. I am working on it, but I have to figure out how it ends and the characters haven’t told me yet, so be patient!

Q: My <insert body part here> hurts. Can Dr. O fix it?

A: Not virtually. If you know us in real life, give us a call!

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