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June 9, 2013 by drandmrso

Question: What physical activity is fun, challenging, and satisfying to an athletic dude as well as his wife, who, admittedly, has zero hand-eye coordination?

Hint: the answer is not tennis. Or basketball. Or racquetball. Actually, we haven’t tried racquetball together but I will emphasize the phrase “zero hand-eye coordination.”

Answer: Rock climbing! Dr. O and I went on a date to our local indoor climbing gym, Prairie Walls, for a beginner class. Over the course of two hours we learned:

  • How to tie a few basic knots (enough so that we could safely tie ourselves into the harnesses)
  • How to take up slack in the line when you are the belayer (the belayer is the one not climbing)
  • How to “brake” in case the climber falls
  • How to rappel
  • Some basic climbing techniques. Insider secret: it’s way more about lower-body strength than you’d think—which is great for those of us that can do maybe four push-ups on a good day.

The class instructor kindly took some photos of us while we were climbing. She used Dr. O’s phone, which has a scratched camera lens so the pictures aren’t super clear, but you’ll get the gist.

Dr. O climbing away!

Dr. O climbing away!

Scaling those walls.

Scaling those walls.

Spider girl, spider girl.

Spider girl, spider girl.

What a great date!

What a great date!

The cost of the class, $40 per person, includes a pass to come back to the gym anytime in the next two weeks to keep everything fresh in our minds—and did I mention the gym is within walking distance of our house? Extra bonus! We both really enjoyed the whole experience. Dr. O is stoked that we’ve found a new sport that we can grow into together, and I’m ecstatic that I actually did fairly well the first time out, even making it to the top of the wall a couple of times!

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