What Not to Say


June 5, 2013 by drandmrso

There are many stories Dr. O tells me that I can’t share here. Stories about patients with conditions so rare, or situations so unique, that I could risk breaching patient confidentiality by retelling them. Stories about the politics and interpersonal shenanigans that go on at the hospital that are fine for venting to your spouse, but don’t need to be shared beyond that. Stories about his own mistakes or doubts or worries—again, as his wife I hear those in real life but will never pass them along.

And of course there are stories of my own that I won’t share here: (again) office politics, frustrations with friends or family members, how many crunches I did (or did not do) at the gym, daily ramblings on cleaning my house or the super cute thing my cat did or exactly how many mini-wheats I ate for breakfast.

Gratuitous cute cat picture.

Gratuitous cute cat picture.

All that said, I’m turning to you, my loyal readers, to learn what you’d like to hear more about. Do you skip the posts about my attempts at home decorating? Was the goals post super lame and you hope it doesn’t happen ever again? Do you regale in the gross stuff? Do you want more cute cat photos? Fill out the poll and let me know. And provided the desired content doesn’t fall into one of the categories I mentioned above that I truly can’t share, anything is fair game. Lay it on me!

2 thoughts on “What Not to Say

  1. Abby says:

    I can’t vote for more than one?!? Thats a bummer! I will tell you in person which ones I vote for (as well as on the poll)

  2. Dad says:

    …frustrations with family members…? What the hey? Love your stuff, Mrs. O, always will….

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