Summer, Officially


May 26, 2013 by drandmrso

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US of A, and that means two things. First: summer is officially, finally, thank goodness, here to stay. In Minnesota we had approximately one nice day in April, then it snowed and rained record amounts in May. Needless to say I’m ready for summer! Second: it’s time to plan out the next 90-100 days of beautiful weather so as to not miss out on a single moment; because cool air and little flurries will be back before we know it. Here’s Dr. & Mrs. O’s checklist for this summer (in no particular order).

summer list

1. Sunscreen. In large quantities. More for me and my Norwegian skin than for Dr. O, although I do slather it on him whether he asks me to or not.

2. Mint. I’m growing a number of things in my raised beds and pots this summer, but for some reason Dr. O is most excited about the mint. He wants “a whole mint bush” so we have a never-ending supply for mojitos. I’m not complaining.

3. Brats. There’s no better grilled food. Period.

4. Maps of the Boundary Waters. The plan: four days paddling in the north woods with great friends relying on nothing but our combined outdoors skills.

5. Corn Dogs. I love the Minnesota State Fair and the corn dogs are the best anywhere.

6. Lake time. Duh.

7. Star gazing. The best (only?) time of the year when you can stretch out on a blanket in the middle of a field and do nothing but wonder.

8. Music. A friend recently filled me in on a weekly Sunday evening outdoor concert in our town. I can’t wait until the first one in July!

9. Bug spray. A necessity, unfortunately.

10. CSA. We signed up for our first-ever CSA share. Each week we’ll be splitting a box of fresh, local, organic produce with another couple. I’m looking forward to the new and exciting ingredients we’ll find each week!

One thought on “Summer, Officially

  1. Bailey says:

    Ooo that produce share sounds awesome! Also happy that sunscreen is #1 🙂

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