Keep Telling Yourself That, Darling


March 13, 2013 by drandmrso

So said Captain Jack Sparrow to Elizabeth Swann when she coyly remarked, “It never would have worked out between us.”

Copyright Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

While I try not to lead my life based on Disney truisms–even truisms from Pirates of the Caribbean, one of my favorite movies of all time–this quote got me thinking today. How many times have I had this conversation with myself recently? Here are a few re-imaginings of the quote above.

1. When Applied to My Closet

As I try to squeeze into a skirt that I seriously just bought a couple of months ago, I sigh and toss it to the ground. I say to myself, “It never would have worked out between us.” I think back to the day that I bought it: did I go shopping when I hadn’t eaten in four days? Did I simply put on the skirt and not complete the requisite twist/sit/lunge/squat tests to see if it really, really fit? Keep telling yourself that, darling. At the end of my thought journey I shrug it off and put the skirt in the Goodwill box.

2. When Applied to the Gym

At the end of the day, as I pack up my things at work and debate about going home and having a glass of wine or going to the gym, I peak into my gym bag. My tennis shoes stare back at me in a beguiling, self-confident way. “It never would have worked out between us,” they say. “Keep telling yourself that, darling,” I mutter back. Then I teach them a lesson on the treadmill.

3. When Applied to My Writing

You may recall that I’m in the process of writing a novel (more about that here). Thing is, it’s hard to write a novel. Plot holes open up beneath you and swallow you whole. Characters decide to be romantically interested in each other despite your perfectly planned outline indicating everything to the contrary. You develop anomia (which is the inability to come up with the right name for an object and also a delightfully fun game based on that premise).

But recently, whenever I get overwhelmed and I start to form the words “it never would have worked out between us,” I see The Night Circus sitting on my shelf. It was written by Erin Morgenstern, who started the first draft during NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago. When I’m trapped in that giant plot hole or walking up and down Writer’s Block (which I always imagine as a block on a street in a city made up of cute cafes and quaint bookstores just dripping with inspiration) and I’m on the verge of packing it all up and convincing myself that I’m attempting the impossible and that I’ll never be successful, there’s Erin, murmuring through her book on my shelf, “keep telling yourself that, darling,” with a wink. And onward I go. Because, eventually, it will be my own book on my own shelf that will be able to talk me out of giving up.

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