Snow & 2200 Degrees Fahrenheit

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February 25, 2013 by drandmrso

You may have heard about the freak storm that hit Arizona and many other states last week. We were right in the middle of it in Scottsdale (an area that typically does get about one melts-on-contact snowfall per year) and we did what any born-and-raised Minnesotans would do: took advantage of the heated outdoor pool!

Big Snowflakes

Big Snowflakes

Only Minnesotans

Only Minnesotans

I have to admit that I enjoyed the snowfall from the hot tub and didn’t actually get in the pool. My much braver friends Missy, Kendall, and Leah took the plunge and reported very pleasant temperatures! At one point a staff member at the resort hollered from the deck.

“Hey! Hey, you girls in the pool!”

Missy, Kendall, Leah look around with the “is she talking to us?” expression.

The staff lady persisted. “Girls, what are you doing?”

“Swimming,” someone called back to her.

“Do you realize that it is snowing right now?”

“We’re from Minnesota!”

Staff lady shakes her head, rolls her eyes, and goes back inside.

Aside from the afternoon of snow (none of which stuck to the ground in our area, by the way, which in my opinion doesn’t truly qualify it as a major snow event) we enjoyed warm weather the whole week. Which made Dr. O’s report of 8 inches of snow back home on Thursday all the more enjoyable.

On Friday, before dropping Missy at the airport, we visited an art compound called Cosanti. From the parking lot, a path leads through strange concrete domes and tunnels, much like what I imagine hobbits that live in an urban post-apocalyptic world might design. Metallic clangs erupted over the background drone of a giant furnace at full throttle. We had timed our visit perfectly: no more than five minutes after we arrived, artists began pouring liquid bronze at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit into casts to create Soleri wind chimes.

The artists at

The artists at Cosanti pouring brass for bells

The end result

The end result

One of the artists explained that the bronze solidifies almost immediately after being poured and that the casts are only used once. The whole process was fascinating to watch.

On Friday night we headed out for an evening of cowboy fun. We ate at the Cave Creek Tap Haus, which was, of all things, a sports bar emphasizing the Chicago Bears. Apparently there are other bars nearby for Packers and Lions fans.

Cave Creek Tap Haus

Cave Creek Tap Haus

All I know is that my beer was delicious, my burger was juicy, and we were only walking distance from the main attraction of the evening: the rodeo! This was one of the more surreal experiences of my life. People in attendance were dressed as though they had come straight from the ranch–and in actuality they probably had. Big hats, worn boots, and bedazzled jeans pockets and belt buckles.

Bucking bull

Bucking bull

The first couple bull riders were very impressive. They stayed on the bull for about 7-8 seconds, which is apparently worth 80 points or so (on a scale of what? I don’t know. Sorry). Then the announcer proudly introduced a rider who had never been on a bull before in his life. So why was he riding one that night? Because he was at his bachelor party and was getting married the next day. The. Next. Day. He wore a helmet and a lead vest, but I think everyone in the stands stopped breathing for a second when he fell off the bull and couldn’t get his hand free. From our seats in the stands it looked like the bull stepped on him a couple of times before the rodeo clowns could help the rider get away. As he walked out of the ring it was obvious that a) he had sobered up and realized what an enormously idiotic thing he had just done and b) he was in a lot of pain.

After a few more riders we called it a night because we were freezing. Who would have thought the Minnesota girls would be shivering in the stands at a rodeo in Arizona? After all, the thermometer in my car read 18 on my way to work this morning and I didn’t think anything of it.

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