101 Things


My mission: do these 101 things in 1001 days.

Start date: 2/10/2013
End date: 11/8/2015

1. Go backpacking by myself

2. Run a 5k Completed 5/10/2013. Read about it here!

Teenage Mutant Neon Turtles for the win.

Teenage Mutant Neon Turtles for the win.

3. Compile my family tree

4. Host a dinner party for 8 or more

5. Make a list of 50 things that make me happy

6. Volunteer regularly with an organization for 1 year or more

7. Get a freelance article published

8. Finish “The Ephraim House”

9. Submit “The Ephraim House” for publishing

10. Win another NaNoWriMo

11. Bake a cake from scratch

12. Have a water balloon fight

13. Throw a surprise party Completed 3/23/2013. Read about it here!

14. Write letters to former teachers

15. Visit Washington, D.C.

16. Read a book in Spanish

17. Go horseback riding  Completed 2/19/2013. Read about it here!

On the winding and dusty trail!

On the winding and dusty trail!

18. Take a cooking class

19. Take an art class

20. Take a self-portrait

21. Watch a silent film

22. Learn to crochet

23. Go on a road trip

24. Do a yoga head/hand stand

25. Eat locally for one month

26. Go snow-shoeing

27. Learn how to change the oil in my car

28. Mow the lawn (I’ve really never done this!)

29. Eat vegetarian for one month

30. Go to Oktoberfest

31. Learn my blood type

32. Go to a drive-in movie

33. Swim 1500 yards non-stop

34. Complete a New York Times crossword puzzle

35. Watch a sunrise

36. Build a fort

37. Get some letters behind my name

38. Learn to sew

39. Make and use a rain barrel

40. Make homemade ice cream

41. Pay off my student loans – 50% done as of 4/16/13

42. Visit a state I have never been to

43. Zip line

44. Donate to cleft lip/cleft palate organization

45. Paint a room in my house Completed 8/12/2013. Read about it here.

I. Love. It.

46. Go on a bike camping trip

47. Visit a farm

48. Try venison

49. Go ice fishing

50. Finish wedding scrapbook

51. Cheer on a friend in a triathlon (or marathon, ironman, etc.)

52. Make my own hummus Completed 3/09/13. Read about it here!

It was a good night.

53. Make my own peanut butter

54. Try 10 new beers

  • 54-1: Smitten Golden Rye Ale from Bell’s. I was drawn to this one because I love Bell’s Brewery and it had a daisy on the label. But it turns out it’s also delicious! It’s a little more bitter (rhyme intended) than I usually like, but overall very drinkable & summery.
  • 54-2: Tallgrass Halcyon Wheat. We actually brewed a clone of this without knowing there was an original! Then I was in the liquor store a few days later, saw it, and obviously had to pick it up. The Tallgrass version is refreshingly hoppy for a wheat beer—hopefully ours comes out just as delicious!
  • 54-3: Rolle Bolle from New Belgium. Dr. O picked out this summer ale. It’s tasty, but I mostly like it for the name. I mean, how can you not be happy drinking a Rolle Bolle?
  • 54-4: Farm Girl Saison from Liftbridge Brewing Company. Two things I love: Minnesota small breweries and saison. Win!
  • 54-5: Brynhilders Gift Plus from Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company. This little brewery is run by one man (with help from his wife). The beer was delicious, with a hint of mint and juniper. Tasted like a Minnesota field—in a good way.

55. Wear a sparkle skirt

56. Send 12 birthday cards through the mail

  • 56-1: Caitlyn (2/15/13)
  • 56-2: Devin (2/15/13)
  • 56-3: Missy (5/18/13)
  • 56-4: Rachel (5/21/13)
  • 56-5: Abby (6/7/13)

57. Visit Chicago

58. Go on a gratitude visit (16:50 in this video)

59. Visit a UNESCO world heritage site

60. Go stargazing Completed 8/3/2013 in Necedah, WI.

61. See all of the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees for the year

62. Learn how to change a tire on my car

63. Visit another continent

64. Try a Bloody Mary

65. See Lake Superior Completed 7/11/2013. Post(s) upcoming!

66. Eat at the Rainbow Cafe in Pine Island, MN

67. Visit a Pizza Farm

68. Go to 5 new Minnesota State Parks

69. Visit the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater, MN

70. Visit the Aroma Pie Shoppe

71. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch

72. Take a day trip up the Mississippi River and visit Harbor View Cafe and the Pickle Factory

73. Make a dish using only CSA box ingredients

74. Preserve/pickle vegetables that I grow in my garden Completed 8/6/2013. Read about it here!


75. Listen to all of the Stuff You Should Know podcasts Completed 5/12/2013

76. Let go of a floating lantern

77. Brew hard cider

78. Re-watch a movie I haven’t watched in more than 15 years

79. Re-read a book I haven’t read in more than 15 years Completed 5/28/2013. Read about it here!


80. Go skinny dipping

81. Make a kite and fly it

82. Make an entire outfit and wear it

83. Fast for a day

84. Earn/give 100,000 grains of rice on freerice.com

85. Microlend

86. Play an entire game of Monopoly

87. Read all of the books I own but haven’t actually read yet

88. Beat Dr. O at cribbage

89. Play 9 holes of golf

90. Go on a writing retreat

91. Take a writing class

92. Drive Dr. O’s car from our house to my parents’ house

93. Go to a UW Madison football game

94. Go to a St. Paul Saints game

95. Visit a new National Park

96. Win a contest

97. Go on a tour of the J.R. Watkins Museum

98. See the Jeffers Petroglyphs

99. See frozen Minnehaha Falls

100. Visit an Amish community

101. Go to a play at the American Players Theatre in Spring Green, WI

If you want to create a 101 Things list of your own, check out the nice date calculator here!

10 thoughts on “101 Things

  1. Bailey says:

    1. Go to a brewery.
    2. Go on a pizza tour.
    3. Cheer on a friend at a triathlon 😉
    4. Make your own hummus/peanut butter.
    5. Try 10 new beers (check out the Untappd app)
    6. Play trivia at a bar.
    7. Wear a sparkle skirt (they make me so happy!)
    8. Send x number of birthday cards through the mail.
    9. Make a picture collage.
    10. Keep a gratitude journal
    11. Go on a gratitude visit (Start at 16:50 of this video… or watch the whole thing: http://www.ted.com/talks/martin_seligman_on_the_state_of_psychology.html)
    12. Come visit Chicago 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    59. See Lake Superior
    60. Bike to Pine Island on the Douglass Trail-eat at Rainbow Cafe!
    61. Go to the Wisconsin Dells
    62. Visit a Pizza Farm
    63. Go to 5 new Minnesota State Parks
    64. Drink German beer and eat German food at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater, MN
    65. Bike from Lanesboro to Whalen (or beyond!) and eat at the Aroma Pie Shoppe
    66. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch
    67. Take a day trip up the Mississippi River and visit Harbor View Cafe and the Pickle Factory

  3. 1. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site (there are even a few in the midwest: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/)
    2. Learn a new language
    3. Go stargazing
    4. Donate 1 million grains of rice at freerice.com
    5. Keep track of all the books you read, or read a certain number

    This is a great list-good luck 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    Sorry for the delay!! I missed this somehow. Yes, the link your aunt provided is for THE BEST pizza farm. It’s a bit of a trek from Rochester, especially on a Tuesday, but well worth the time. There are several others in the area as well. Enjoy! Glad you liked some of my ideas. I assume you will blog about your success with each of these!

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